bohemians of the latin quarter

võtsin täna teistkordselt lugemisele henry murgeri “bohemians of the latin quarter”. see on võimatult hea lugemine nii keeleliselt kui sisuliselt – selles on paras amps huumorit (olen veerand õhtut tee kõvale naerda luksunud) ja eks temas ole ports hingeilulist nukrustki nagu ka selle põhjal loodud ooperis. btw, kas pakatab raamatu sisu muusikast või on see puccinit niivõrd inspireerinud, et lugedes kuuled muusikat ja muusikat kuulates jookseb raamat piltidena silme eest läbi…

väike katkend murgeri poolt kirjutatud sissejuhatusest, milles ta kirjeldab raamatu peategelasi:

Their daily excistense is a work of genius, a daily problem which they always succeed in solving by the aid of audacious mathematics. They would have forced Harpagon to lend them money, and have found truffles on the raft of the “Medusa”. At need, too, they know how to practice abstinence with all the virtue of an anchorite, but if a slice of fortune falls into their hands you will see them at once mounted on the most ruinous fancies, loving the youngest, drinking the oldest and best, and never finding sufficient windows to throw their money out of. Then, when their last crown is dead and buried, they begin to dine again at the table spread by chance, at which their place is always laid, and, preceded by a pack of tricks, go poaching on all the callings that have any connection with art, hunting from  morn till night that wild beast called a five-franc piece.


~ kirjutas märtsijänes &emdash; 24. okt. 2009.

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